Various MSSQL scripts and tools. Contained herein or linked to for ease of aggregation. Mostly if not all free.

T-SQL Scripts


SSMS Plugins


Name Type Open Source Author
DBFit Testing Yavor Nikolov
SchemaZen Scripting 👍 Seth Reno
DLM Dashboard Devops RedGate
SQL Fiddle Testing/Sharing Jake Feasel
mssql-scripter Scripting 👍 Microsoft
DBA Tools Powershell Scripts Admin 👍 SQL Collaborative
DBA Checks Powershell Scripts Admin 👍 SQL Collaborative
Flyway Migrations 👍 Axel Fontaine
Paste The Plan Tuning/Sharing Brent Ozar Unlimited
Format Text as Table Sharing Senseful Solutions
SQL Watch Monitoring 👍 Marcin Gminski
Spotlight Cloud Basic Monitoring Quest
Is It SQL? Monitoring Bill Graziano


Good Reads